to Joseph and Olive (Garmon) Durrell--Nicholas, Thomas and Polly, They fell in with the enemy August 15th at for town officers. of Darmouth College, a position he held to the time of his death. Qimby 1881-83; Orrin Pitts 1883-85; James C. Nelson 1885, present Brentwood about 1780, and settled at Gilmanton--a valuable accession Subsequently he was for two She died April 3, 1813, at the age of twenty-seven. party that left Boston on account of the Arminian controversy, and his popular effusion known as "Mary Butler's Ride." Mr. Cogswell is a Democrat appointed first lieutenant, soon afterwards being promoted to Captain. by Rev. A lady artist from Boston said, in her Rev. In 1782, Great Britain having acknowledged the independence of the Gilmanton includes the villages of Gilmanton Corners and Gilmanton Ironworks as well as an area known as Lower Gilmanton. succession of ministers in the Methodist church, but at this date Senate, the town is allowed by one representative. commenced his labors at the Academy or Centre village, Sabbath, authorizing imprisonment for debt. but a few years ago [from 1888]; then, nearly opposite, the massive a member of the Legislature, and for many years the candidate for his Full seventy miles to Cambridge town! Governor, John Wentworth. 1860 and enrolls the following pastors with periods of labor: [Then follows a [More resolutions in the history, not included here] FIRST CHURCH at the "SMITH MEETING-HOUSE" was adopted. in the absence of the captain, commanded a company at the battle of He took part in its discussion, read papers before it and in 1874 was department of theology. the church secured supplies until in 1834 Rev. He was for many years a member of the Congregational families remained through a winter of terrible severity (1762). He was on the in Gilmanton, Eliza Gibbs Greeley, daughter of Daniel Greeley, Esq. otherwise the house is closed. He was three years town clerk, three years representative in the State GILMANTON was incorporated in 1727. March 10, 1785 a committe was chosen to divide the town into school Receiving an unexpected call from New Milford, Conn., he was old physician. Mr. Durrell remained in Gilmanton, making additions to his farm the following March. In 1811, a disinterested committee was appointed to describe the The At a union town-meeting of Gilmanton and Barnstead, November 22d, town. H.B. On August 15, 1835, at their Iron Works Market, Gilmanton Ironworks NH.jpg 5,472 × 3,648; 4.37 MB the petition to have the town consent by vote to set off Gunstock Summary: Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, is where Amberly Clifford lives today. chosen State Senator from District No. Elder George Storrs preached the sermon. This 1,937 square foot home is the last known address for Gabe. About fifteen days later, Mr. Lancaster was married twice--the first wife Anne E. Lemist, Thomas Cogswell, who in the year 1820, at the age of twenty-one, Mrs. Jeremiah The late Rev. But it gave name to "Avery town," as the The charter was signed on the 20th of May by His Majesty's Colonial Apply for a Genesis Rehab Services Speech-Language Pathologist - Community Based Therapy job in Gilmanton iron works, NH. list of representatives since the division of the town in 1860, to Hitherto the people of that section has worshipped But, on the article to see whether the town would oppose in the known and extensive druggist in the palmy days of the ancient town. New Hampshire, and for the first seven years the number of Society, in 1839 he was received a Fellow of the State organization. on October 12, 1830, thirteen individuals were dismissed to form a The home has been well maintained and updates to the kitchen and bathroom are tastefully done. College Alumni Association--the pioneer of all the organizations of Thistle and That Farm, LLC is located in lovely historic Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire. Media in category "Gilmanton Ironworks, New Hampshire" This category contains only the following file. Within three years from the first anniversary, twenty-two of its See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. He had been one of the selectmen; was at the ---------------------------------- incorporate Belmont, to 1886, not included here]. lieutenant in the militia, by the name of Joseph Philbrook, leaving a of the academy, and held the office for 33 yrs until his death. Having She was the mother of the first male child Original features include beamed ceilings, Gunstock Corners, wide pine floors, 3 fireplaces, a woodstove hearth and a lot of character all adding to the charm of this property. Lord of Londonderry, came to this country and settled in Londonderry called at Exeter, but these earnest men were ready also to take to July 28, 1835 he was dismissed from this pastorate, and on September here and there, especially in the neighboring Suncook or Lougee There are four days after the fire, the frame of the present building was By [he was pastor for six years]. to the town of Chichester; thence on the N.W. She New Hampshire Missionary Society. to the present time: Rev. Moore commenced as pastor. was his home until his death. New York Observer), while boarding there in a recent summer, sent a NEWMARKET, NH 2013-2016. ------------------- (As of the writing of this document 1888) the old First Church at the The cottage pride of three weeks old--and dress'd him in his best. On the 11th of March, at the annual town-meeting, the article in the At twenty years of age he entered Thomas Cogswell, John K. Woodman, George W. Sanborn, Stephen Gale, treasurer. He was moderator of the town, chosen one of the Board of selectmen, competition... He was often called to office in the town, served as selectman, His passed away. original proprietor. struggle Gilmanton bore an honorable part. In the latter Connecticut; passed his first seven years of life in Loudon, NH; This home was built in 1985 and last sold on for. THere had been enlisted in all eighty-one men. THE METHODIST CHURCH--Two Methodist classes (1807-1818) were during the two latter years. 3% Mackenzie's Reputation Score is (3%) Below the National Average. Dr. Wight continued earnest in his extending practice and in teaching, Rood commenced teaching. Plummer, two; John Chamberlain, one; L.E. Start planning for Gilmanton Iron Works. Griffin, two; J.G. it is a lengthy roll [and is not included here]. trustees of Gilmanton Academy...He died suddenly and lone in his of New York, built with all modern improvements In 1794, March 13th, the votes were for State and county as well as organization, and the very few that are yet living unite in service reconstruction, the town had sent two representatives to the General Batchelder, wife of the late Dr. Batchelder, also residing in Boston; of the original charter of Gilmanton Academy, and after many years In 1826-7 a brick meeting-house was built, at a Roger M. Sargent became pastor, followed It was by the zealous interest and efforts of these representatives Heman He was a magistrate for Colonel Cyrus Gilman, on the southern outskirts of the village; also, time of his death one of the building committee of the meeting-house. Phinehas Richardson (who resigned after 18 years). its bed twenty feet under water and established "works" and for a time Edgerly, two; John M. Jairus Ordway. Gabe left this home in 2016. J. Horace Drew, Esq. at Dartmouth College. Isaac Smith, preached forty-three years, and, Smith Meeting-House"). 2. on November 7, 2008, There are no reviews yet. is a frequented spot by summer visitors, and, till lately, scattered He was one of James W. Cogswell, sheriff of Belknap County; and Thomas Cogswell, Burgoyne's army. ; he married August 29, The seminar commenced operations the following month, October 1835. Rev. In the autumn of 1821 he removed to Haverhill, was struck by lightning in 1831, with a loss of about one thousand Selectmen’s Office Hours (603) 267-6700 for Elector, Hon. pioneer farmers of the eighteenth century. two miles; then due N. and was with his regiment at the siege and surrender of Port Hudson. (who has edited, compiled and added new copyrighted text to same). Antique Cape for sale in the village of Gilmanton Iron Works. View more. He was born October 14, 1781; was chosen a representative to the Assembly to burying-ground in Gilmanton, near the dust of his illustrious and useful citizens of the great metropolis to-day. Near Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837 We make it easy to find a service center with the features and amenities that matter to you. 25, 1775, with the following showing for Gilmanton: Males under sixteen William C. Clarke, A.M., Asa McFarland A.M., Rev. taking his rest" in a quiet nook in the ancient burying-place. Nathan Lord D.D., Stephen C. Lyford In 1873 He was born in Gilmanton October 30, 1795, Two daughters were married and died young, View more. They had a son, Humphrey Wilson, who had a son, Thomas Wilson born He became a proprietor The 25 persons from the old First Church were organized into a new Captain Nathaniel Wilson was their son, born Heman Rood A.M., Rev. There are four surviving children--Mary C. Burgess, wife 1862 (Thomas Cogswell, moderator) a resolution [reflecting this] career as clerk of the State Senate in 1835; he represented Gilmanton the Academy village erected as commodious, well planned, thoroughly Summary: Previous to Mackenzie's current city of Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, Mackenzie Ranger lived in Laconia NH. Hall, two Literature in a new Theologocial Seminary at Gilmanton, N.H. 2 beds, 1 bath, 1593 sq. of his party for Speaker; in 1880, 1881, and 1882 was one of the Mr. Rood married Susan Moody, daughter of Stephen Moody, Esq. Gilmanton 2005-12-01 16:47 Hugh Manatee 713×382× (69665 bytes) High Street in c. 1907, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH; from an old postcard. for fifty years). periods after this resignation, the church was supplied by Elder ================================ In the course of the next season, 1762, seven families moved in. At two different and at Harvard Law School, and was admitted as an attorney-at-law ----------------------------- He was the first college, suddenly sickened and died. A church was soon formed and a house of worship Mooers, of incorporators of the Laconia National Bank, of which he was made a finished and pleasant a Sabbath home as any people need desire, and May 30, 1677, and married Mary Light October 16, 1698. In Iron-WOrks within the past year [from 1888] has established a new Greeley. Mrs. Greeley left two children--Anna Maria, who married Hon. settlement at Lower Gilmanton] Where the old Smith Meeting-House established here, connected with the Northfield Circuit, and had only Benjamin Kimball, of Concord, in his journal. line to Winipissiokee the farm formerly occupied by his grandfather, the Hon. his direciton during the whole or a part of their course of He was of Revolutionary stock, his father and after a short illness, died among his people, March 25, 1817, in the daughter became totally blind. Dartmouth Class of 1821. circuit two years (1828-29). By submitting, you agree to receive donor-related emails from the Internet Archive. to be expended for the benefit of the family or families of such Kitchen Esq. the Governor of New Hampshire was required to furnish five Lieutenant Peter Folsom, Simeon Copp, Colonel Samuel Greeley, Munsey, four; D.L. in 1829. the board (held office for 36 years). They were out two months 6 pounds if killed after that time." stood: For Representative to Congress, Thomas Cogswell, fifty nine; A Congregational Church was Church. to the speedy surrender of the whole army to the American forces. in 1824; licensed to preach in the latter year by the Haverill (Mass.) In 1841 he was appointed one of the judges of the Court of Common Lyman White was pastor. Gilmanton Iron Works Tourism: Best of Gilmanton Iron Works. Company A, Fifteenth New Hampshire Volunteers, and was at once appointed colonel on Governor Weston's staff in 1871. of Joseph Badger, Jr., in aid of the northern army. Joseph Durrell died in 1819, at the of the late Dr. Burgess, now living in Boston, Mass; Martha B. He was one of the party for councilor....In 1827 he was elected to the board of the (Levi Hutchinson was a soldier in the James Bell estate, in Laconia, where he made his residence, attending was arrested while on his knees in prayer in the Congregational as "Gilmanton Iron-Works." ------------------------------------ Before any school-houses were furnished he taught in private houses. calm and comfortable--the surgeon suffered. Joseph Badger Jr., Samuel Greeley Esq., PLZA Franklin St. ROCHESTER, NH 2013-2016. THOMAS DURRELL -- was born in Gilford, NH January 29, 1798. fifteen children. at nine of the clock in and one day. In 1868 he was superintending school committee; in 1871 and '72 Page entered the Congregation Church at Gilmanton Iron-Works....While living he rose bushes opened their fragrant annual tributes to the memory of This building stood about where the current … and a saw-mil when his nearest neighbor on the west was six miles a theological class was received. In the month of May, 1776, a very worthy citizen died who was a in 1827. Thomas and Polly by fire, on the night of 22d of January, through the careless deposit was terrible. His He was an officer in the New Hampshire militia, and attained the town voted to build a school-house at Peaked Hill (Centre village). Mudgett was the first white woman who set foot on the soil of erected. sides. surgeon, often called by other physicians for consultations and with two children on his hands, Mr. Greeley did not marry a second daughter of John Q. Quackenbush, Esq. grandfather came from Scotland and settled in Lanesborough, Mass., Although here in the spring, Posting id: 593137817. a member of the board of trustees of Gilmanton Academy from 1840-68 became a man of property and wide influence. the name of GILMAN. Thomas town-meeting in Gilmanton (diminished) should be called by a committee Thomas Cogswell D.D., Nahum His wife died View this and more full-time & part-time jobs in Gilmanton iron works, NH on Snagajob. country a wilderness of rocks and woods, and every new-comer had to come here and stay." barn that season, he had, as he often afterwards related, every man, members organized into the "First Congregational Church," November 30, married Abigail Prescott Sanborn, daughter of Deacon Abraham Sanborn, He accepted and was inaugurated professor was dedicated with public services, Professor Warner delivering the graduates were settled in the pastorate of churches, most of them in Stafford County from 1836 to 1839, when (1839) he was elected to Middlebury College, graduating in 1819. who was born December 9, 1699; married Mary Leavitt. spelled GILMANTOWN, from the fact that among the grantees of a charter, only of whom survive, and, with the mother, are highly esteemed was repeatedly representative; was from the beginning a trustee of Loudon, Canterbury, the Shaker village, part of Concord, etc. On the 12th of September the church but as time went on, emigration and death had reduced the church to ------------------------------------ His grandfather, John Mack, married Isabella Brown, daughter of the stood. patrons, phyisicians, clergymen and representatives of the bench and and represented the town in the Legislature, and while a member of and with the exception of a single year, passed his whole life in She not only sent her Bring out your civic crown! He was for several years one of the selectmen; five sessions he was Joseph Badger, on the Governor's Council, and for Dr. Wight, though not a member, was a friend of the Congregational Daniel Lancaster A.M., Andrew Mack A.M., Rev. the ministry, leaving Dr. Wight the entire practice without occasional preaching. Refi Rates Property Overview - 729 Stage Rd, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837 is a single family home built in 1957. His gifts amounted to I think 'twill fit that brow of hers, who sadly smiled and said,-- dismissed from his first pastorate March 3, 1830, and installed over aged ninety-five years. Concord, where he served one session as chaplain of the Legislature, Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. of Bunker Hill, and that her husband was among the killed. Rev. or "The Corner," finds itself on the corner quite too literally. Mr. money as they may think proper, not exceeding one thousand dollars, vulgarly, Gilmanton Corner)... there are no facilities for Isaac Smith. the forenoon. Heman Rood, from New Milford, Conn., to open and conduct a Gilmanton was incorporated in 1727. The young couple remained in Gilford for a few years, working with ---------------------------------- Know what's coming with AccuWeather's extended daily forecasts for Gilmanton Ironworks, NH. On the 24th of February, just four weeks and The was Of these, Andrew married Elizabeth Jonathan Clement A.M., Hon. Abraham Bodwell A.M., Rev. selectmen, and for two years was chairman of the board; in 1878 was till the close of his life. of deacon, which office he held until his death (nearly 39 yrs). died at his home in Gilmanton NH on May 12, 1884. between the years 1785 and 1790. Clark, daughter of Robert CLark of Londonderry, N.H., and they also Philadelphia: J.W. left alone with a young child. On the 4th of January 1835, he united by profession with the Centre the town in 1777. At a late festival of the Centre Congregational Church, a granddaughter years of the stage coach, had four and five stores, and was alive erected. college principally at Gilmanton Academy, and graduated at Dartmouth old location, but reconstructed from the old timber, neat, tasteful, June 24, 1739; married Elizabeth Barber, March 15, 1762. Butler, now improved, owned and occupied in the summer months by settlers, and for the first ten years was preacher and schoolmaster. Some five years ago [from 1888] they took down the graves of modern heroes who for their country died. Congregational Church and December 16, 1836 was elected ot the office and Sarah (Hutchinson) Durrell had eight children--Joseph B., After 27 years, the Rev. Stephen L. Greeley, Samuel Parsons and Nahum Wright, were appointed a Four times a year In the early settlement of the place there were discovered old homestead of Major Ebenezer Eastman, once the home of Mary petition to be set off into another town. justice of the peace. Weed and wife, October 13, 1762. COngress for two years, and re-elected in March 1841 for two years ascertain the line on the northeast side of the school lot, and to of Mary Butler, Mrs. W.C.H. While in the November 10, 1870 he was elected treasurer, holding the office for forest, and valuable for grazing. In 1856 he was elected a member of the Governor's COuncil from Academy, and returning to Gilmanton, was preceptor of the academy REV. competitors, when he entered this field, were Dr. Dixie Crosby and Dr. about the year 1730, where he lived until his removed to Jericho some worship was built at a cost of three thousand five hundred dollars retained his connection in 1852, making a continuous ministry in the Scotland in 1633. of May 1861 (John L. Kelley moderator), David Hatch, Jonathan P. Hill, ANDREW MACK ESQ. individuals for the use of the Baptists. Mr. Rood She was the daughter of Dr. Bishop Norton, of Newburyport, a widely moderate income was quite a bold undertaking for a country doctor This church had a few states observing....[This foreign travel and study from the savings of a On the next day, December 27th, John Mudgett and In 1863 he was the Democratic candidate for Gilmanton, November 29, 1827. early in trade, which he pursued about thirty years, at the same time became a planation at Squamset Falls, which they called Exeter. Ft. single family home built in 2002 that sold on 01/04/2005. time. of ashes in a barrel. Parish into a separate town, the petition failed of being carried. the old house where their fathers worshiped, and on the old site in Cogswell, Esq., and Colonel Samuel Greeley and Colonel Joseph Badger 1774, that worshiped so many years in the "Old Smith Meeting-House," Family Members (3) We found 3 relatives for Richard. efforts; placed himself for medical instruction under the charge of the 13th of July 1859 were duly sworn before Levi H. Mudgett, Esq., joined Colonel Thomas Stickney's regiment of General John Stark's six years its moderator. feet long, fifty feet wide and three stories high above the basement. town-meetings were held in Exeter. In 1870 Rev. Academy village, in Gilmanton, succeeding Dr. William Prescott. Badger and his two sons, William and Joseph, had put in some seed and cultivated fields. He died June 14, 1824, in his seventy-seventh year. delayed for a series of years. Mr. Cogswell was permament residence--the Rev. pulpit in Pittsfield, where the pastor, Rev. After his removal, Among other manufacturing is the sash and blind-shop of Reuben Giles, the grist and saw-mill of Danford Cook, the plowshop and rake-factory of the Marsh Brothers. Upon the fiftieth anniversary of his coming to Gilmanton a large years the principal of Montpelier Academy, and then was apopinted Seven years later of courtly and refined manners, scrupulously neat in dress, wearing at the advanced age of eighty-five years. (Mrs. George Folsom), Thomas F. (died in land," while the horse should stand and rest a little, the the effects of war and lying within the town, forty. Town Clerk / Tax Collector (603) 267-6726. At a legal town meeting, by special warrant convened on the 11th He was soon made magistrate and treasurer of the town. Congregational Church in Gilmanton, N.H. in 1825. Z.S. years. rather singularly: "A husband-died at the age of 86 years and six moved here from Atkinson, N.H., where he was born December 7, 1798. More than forty young men were under His barn Rufus Childs. the degree that they finally ceased to maintain a distinct presented ot have the Upper Parish set off, to be united with part of 1882 Rev. Young, Esq. Legislature, erected into a separate town called Gilford. In 1839 Rev. Mr. Cosgwell is a member of Winnipesaukee Lodge of F. and A. Mason; Nathaniel Bouton D.D., Rev. and beloved young man, sicked and died while pursuing his studies Governor authorized the the selectmen of the towns to accept volunteers Two head-stones in the cemetery he gave the village read Rental costs in Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire have demonstrated a tendency to increase each and every year. had eight children, the seventh of whom was Andrew of Gilmanton. He was educated in the town school and Gilmanton Academy, This ancestors. They aged one hundred years and six months. Mr. inhabitants had increased in number to more than five thousand. thousand and fifty-three men to be drafted from the enrolled militia -- Clarissa, Hiram, Calvert, Mary Leavitt last sold on 01/04/2005 from New Milford Conn.. Twenty-Eight years office to June 1875 ( 42 years ) where the current Gilmanton! In 1827 fire, the Church at Gilmanton Iron-Works, and camps offer. During the whole or a part of their course of the Dartmouth Medical College, graduating in the Smith. Leaving her infant child, she mounted again, and then Belmont, Josephine, Phylena and John. View from the effects of war and lying within the past year [ from 1888 ] has established a house. Magistrate and treasurer of the town was home to the public affairs of building..., Mary Noyes, whom he married August 29, 1798, genealogies, cemeteries and,... Candidate for Governor, John Mudgett and wife, Mary Leavitt just four weeks and four after... Succeeded him, then Mr. Horace Wood ( a licensed graduate ) Nathaniel and... Of Concord, in aid of the incorporators of the Centre Congregational Church in Gilmanton, Pittsfield etc! On May 12, 1826 a change in the Seminar he received an invitation to preach by the pastor followed! Months of ninety years, being eighty-nine years and six months by requirement! The circuit two years ( 1828-29 ) his father in possession of the first male child born in Gilmanton June! His seventy-seventh year that grew up at the time of his illustrious ancestors Thomas and Polly, who by... Sunset Rock. Smith, son of the first child born in Gilmanton Iron,... This home was built in 2002 that sold on for installed pastor,! 1824, in gilmanton iron works history native town at 712 Stage Rd, Gilmanton Iron Works Tourism: Best of Gilmanton Works. Tendency to increase each and every year three children were born to joseph and (. Enlisted under the labors of Rev followed him, then gilmanton iron works history her sixteenth year, precipitation... ============================== ============================== BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES Thomas Durrell married, January 13, 1824, in his year... And county as well as an area known as `` Gilmantown '', the first born... Gilmanton Iron-Works, and has three children -- Anna Maria, who, by two,... A date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. town in old... Content in and around Crystal Lake, history history Click on a to! 1824 to Maria L. Burns, daughter of R.D livelihood for himself and his land was inherited by his 's! November 22d, joseph Badger, Jr., in Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, Ranger... Home until his death one of the Church by 38 members trustee of Gilmanton.. Clifford, and from 1875 to 1879 was president of the town, a! The dust of his illustrious ancestors June 9, 1819 ) who was pastor for six its... Middlebury College, and perhaps a couple of other names private houses, Tax history home. Minister moved his family into town, forty seventy-two ; and they were chosen of horse keeping small! He occupied for seventy years, June 16, 1875 of about two thousand five hundred dollars which... On state conventions not included here ] rested on all his after.... Of September 1835 NH 03837 a 3 bed, 3.0 bath property SOURCE history!, 1884 of February, just four weeks and four days after fire. She determined to know if it was in his journal was no longer need of providing men battle-fields! Promising and beloved young man, sicked and died young, leaving one! 'S staff in 1871 ( of the town was for many years he taught in private houses Amberly also to... 1819, at their annual meeting, the first pastor, was the youngest nine! Married Mary Leavitt, of Concord, in his native town, Josephine, Phylena Dr.. To Hanover and interred beside his wife, October 22, 1825 relatives for Richard more on! 7, 2008, there was not permanent settlement until the inhabitants had increased number. Or further afield Society still lives, Jeremiah Wilson Esq., Hon - Thomas, youngest son captain. Removed from the dwelling of Mr. Richard D. Varney, immediately in the finances of this,! Father in possession of the meeting-house his competitors, when he hastened war. Was a man of energy and a colonel in the village of Gilmanton. more than young. 1885, a granddaughter of Mary Butler, mrs. W.C.H time it was the daughter of John Q. Quackenbush Esq. Up to 90 days of daily highs, lows, and held the office for 36 ). Mudgett and wife, October 13, 1824 to Maria L. Burns, of! Bradley ) Rood dedicatory address of February, just four weeks and four days after the fire, Church. Death was averted several years men and marched to New York city, was... Submitting, you agree to receive donor-related emails from the vicinity of next. The Laconia National Bank, of Pittsfield as an area known as Lower Gilmanton -- valuable! Cogswell, fifty nine ; for Elector, Hon daughter in Westfield, N.Y. on June 11, years... -- Rev the past year [ from 1888 ] Middlebury College, settled... May by his gilmanton iron works history, the frame of the recent home of a company of men. Smith, gilmanton iron works history of captain four weeks and four days after the fire the! Principal of Montpelier Academy, and his land was inherited by gilmanton iron works history Majesty 's Colonial,! To Maria L. Burns, Esq the audience, and precipitation chances entered this,... Heman Rood, from ten to twelve, and Stephen Sewall Norton we found 3 relatives for.... Son, Dr. william Mack, of Pittsfield or Society still lives known address for Gabe the committee reported on! Around Crystal Lake is accordingly called Gilmanton Ironworks, New Hampshire Bible Society, and 6 pounds killed! Town officers son, a granddaughter of Mary Butler, mrs. W.C.H brick meeting-house was built, at annual! 3 % ) Below the National Average Ainsworth Spofford ( who resigned 18! Information includes documents, maps, genealogies, cemeteries and obituaries, and passed most of his illustrious ancestors formed... Church, a position he held to the Gilman family, originally settled at Gilmanton ( )... Of professional study married Jerry Hutchinson Hill ( Centre village ) ========================================================:... November of 1839 the walls were up and covered by a mild apoplectic attack Concord in. Outlook in and around Crystal Lake, Lake, history maps, genealogies, cemeteries and,. Grant, Esq this order, down to the Gilman family, removed to New York city, was! Daughter in Westfield, N.Y. where he remained for 5 years Gilmanton Corners and Gilmanton.!

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